Happy Easter! An easy gluten free Easter treat!


What you need:

Semi sweet Baker’s Chocolate

Large marshmallows

Peeps (bunnies look the cutest I think, but the chicks work too)

Sugar sprinkles


How to:


1.  Place toothpicks in each marshmallow.

2.  Melt chocolate in microwave.  Do this slowly (15-30 second increments) and stop just before it is smooth.  Stir to melt the remaining chocolate so the chocolate doesn’t get burned.

3.  Dip marshmallows in chocolate then sprinkle with colored sugar crystals.


4.  Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper.


5. Place in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes until chocolate hardens.

6.  Top with peeps.


7. Eat and Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! An easy gluten free Easter treat!

  1. The Easter treats look easy enough for even a grandpa to make. This site is a terrific idea. Keep up the good work.


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